K-9 Puppy Hood

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Who doesn’t love a puppy?

With its perky ears and cute tongue this K-9 puppy hood is bound to bring out the true pup. When your puppy is behaving well, feel free to let him use the movable lower-jaw of the hood to accentuate his personality. If he starts to whine too much, or lick and nibble on things he shouldn’t, snap the muzzle on him to reinforce good, docile, behavior. This K-9 puppy hood with Muzzle can also be used on a full grown Alpha Dog to remind him of his place, stopping him from barking and biting.

On the technical side, this hood was designed and is produced by our partners using the highest quality durable Leather and manufactured by hand with skill and expert craftsmanship.

This hood is adjustable to fit almost any head. Also, once you put The K-9 Mask with Muzzle on, you will be surprised how well it fits your head and how non claustrophobic it feels.

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